GCeXpress Tracking Delivery

GCX customer service is available for you on the website and on the Facebook page,
There you can talk to a representative and get all the relevant details for you.

So what do you need to do to streamline your application?

1. Go to GCX shipments tracking on the website and check the status of the package. Is there a status issue? Move on to section 2!

2. Open an application on our website

3. Check your tracking number and enter it there

4. Add the latest phone number and ID number of the package owner

This is how the referral will reach us and we will be able to handle it soon – we promise not to disappoint!

It is important to note – GCX is the exclusive representative of Aramex in Israel, so any inquiries regarding Aramex customer service are welcome to send to us

Armax’s delivery tracking is also our way, so you can do the same steps indicated above with Armax packages.