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GCX Website – Terms of Use

Following are the Terms of Use regarding the Website of GCX Ltd. (VAT No. 513568899)

From: Ben Gurion Airport, Maman Building, Courier Compound, P.O.B. 58

Website: www.gcx.co.il

The following Terms of Use do not derogate from and replace any other agreement and/or arrangement and/or stipulation that exists and/or will exist between GCX and Website user.

Website use is subject to the terms set out below.

Website user should read these terms carefully before using the Website, as the use of the Website constitutes the user’s agreement to the terms.

*Everywhere in these terms, where a masculine form was used – the reference is to female form as well.

Contents and Information Service

GCX puts in great efforts to gather, process and display data on the Website

However, during the process of receiving, processing or displaying the data on the Website, there might be errors and/or delays, and the user declares that he is aware of this and that he does not and will not file any claims or suits in connection therewith.

The “GCX” Website may contain links to other Websites on the Internet (hereinafter: the “related websites”). These links are for users’ convenience only. GCX is not and will not bear responsibility for any information, contents or any data that appears on the related websites.

In addition, links that appear on the GCX Website should not be construed as GCX’s approval, recommendation or preference regarding such related Websites, including publications on the related websites and/or the operators of the related websites.

GCX may, at its absolute discretion, remove from the “GCX” Website any or all the links existing on the Website, and GCX is not obligated to add any additional links.

Intellectual Property

All rights, including intellectual property rights and including, without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, copyright regarding the “GCX” Website, including Website design, software, applications, computer code, graphic files, text and any other material contained therein, shall remain the property of GCX. You may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, transmit, sell, distribute or make any commercial or other use of the Website’s content or any part thereof, apart from the use for receiving information for the user’s personal needs under these Terms of Use, unless explicitly permitted by GCX in writing.

Website accessibility

This site has been fully accessible in accordance with WCAG 2.0 to AA level
We do our best to keep it accessible at all times.
Whether you are physically disabled or not, in our accessibility interface you will find the right technologies to help you customize the site view for you and your disability.
Please note, any adjustments you make will be saved to your browser’s “cookie” file so that the next time you access this site or when you switch between pages, you will not have to make adjustments each time.

You can view the full accessibility statement by clicking on the accessibility icon that appears on the left, scrolling down the menu and selecting “Accessibility Statement”
You can also write feedback about site accessibility if there is a problem with site accessibility.

Privacy Policy

As part of submitting a request to the customer service on the “GCX” Website, the Website user will be required to provide personal identification details, including name, phone number and email address.

GCX will be entitled to use the information to be provided by the user in order to register him and/or as part of his activity on the Website, as well as to use the information to be collected regarding the user’s activity on the Website, as follows:

  1. To enable the user to perform actions on the Website;
  2. In order to and in connection with the services provided to the user from time to time either via the Website or outside of it by GCX or its affiliated companies;
  3. For Website maintenance and user’s activity monitoring;
  4. In accordance with the provisions of any law or agreement with the user, including other provisions of these Terms of Use, and including upon the demand of a competent authority or an order of a judicial instance;
  5. To enforce any of the Website’s Terms of Use against the user;
  6. To contact the user and send marketing emails and routine updates, conditional on user’s consent.
  7. To conduct statistical analyses and transmit processed, statistical or other information to third parties, provided that such information will not allow to identify the user;

Although GCX intends to take action to preserve the information provided by the user and/or to be collected as mentioned above, it is agreed that any transfer of information by the “GCX” Website user is carried out at his own risk, and the user shall not file any claims and/or suits against GCX, its managers, employees and anyone acting on its behalf and/or for its benefit, even in the event of such disclosure and/or delivery of information contrary to any of the purposes specified above.

Website user hereby declares that he is aware and agrees to the use of cookies on “GCX” Website to collect statistical data regarding the user’s use of the Website and to adapt the Website in accordance with user’s preferences.

Cookies are text files created by the user’s browser after receiving a command from the “GCX” Website computers and saves on the hard drive of the user’s computer.

These files contain various information, such as the “GCX” Website pages visited by the user, amount of time spent on the Website, location from which the user was redirected to the Website, sections and information the user would like to see when visiting the Website, etc.

Services, changes therein and their termination

The services and information on the “GCX” Website are provided as is, and cannot be tailored in accordance with individual needs.

The services on the “GCX” Website are free of charge, and GCX is entitled to terminate the provision of services on the Website, in whole or in part, at any time and without prior notice.

The “GCX” Website, as well as the information service, is under constant development. Therefore, without derogating from any lawful right, GCX may change, from time to time, the structure of the Website, its visual appearance, Terms of Use, services provided therein, their volume and availability, as well as any other aspect thereof, without prior notice. Such changes shall be made, inter alia, while taking into account the dynamic nature of the Internet and other technological changes in this field. Such changes may naturally involve malfunctions, errors, etc.


GCX, its managers, employees and anyone acting on its behalf and/or for its benefit shall bear no responsibility whatsoever in connection with the information service and/or related Websites and/or data contained on the “GCX” Website and/or related Websites, their accuracy and/or integrity, and/or in connection with the use of the aforementioned data and/or reliance on it by the Website User and/or anyone acting on his behalf, and/or in connection with the termination of services provided therein, in whole or in part, and/or changes thereof, or direct and/or indirect damage and/or damage of any other type that may be caused as a result of using and/or reliance on the Website as mentioned above, and the user hereby waves any suit and/or claim against GCX and/or its managers, employees and/or anyone acting on its behalf, in connection with the “GCX” Website and/or related Websites, including due to use and/or reliance on the data therein, and/or due to any damages caused to them as a result.

Law, location and jurisdiction

The use of the “GCX” Website will be subject to the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matter stemmed from the Terms of Use above or from the use of the Website is vested in the competent court in the Tel Aviv District of Israel, subject to the right of GCX to take legal action in courts according to the location of the user’s address and/or place of business and/or assets or a part whereof.

As stated, your use of the Website constitutes your agreement regarding the above Terms of Use.