Behind the Scenes: The Journey of Your Shipment

Most people know so little about the parcel journey—only that it travels from point A to point B. However, you may find it quite interesting how packages follow an arduous trail to get to the destination. This guide lets you in on the shipment process and what the freight journey entails

Collection and sorting

What happens after a shopper clicks the checkout button on their cart items? After a successful order (i.e., the buyer receives a confirmation email), the seller wraps the parcel for delivery. The courier will then collect it and transport it to the nearest sorting facility.

The collection depot staff are responsible for handling items, getting them ready for the next leg of the delivery journey. They ensure that each parcel is scanned and checked for secure packaging. Afterwards, the parcels get sorted according to their destination

Forwarding to the main hub

The next step includes loading the packages to the right transport vehicle. Basically, all consignments going to the same or nearby locations are lumped in a shipment load. Couriers rely mostly on automated systems to manage a great volume of packages. However, warehouse staff members still work hard to load them up with care.

Then, these parcels travel along a safe path towards the main hub. It is where every shipment goes through another round of checking, scanning and sorting. In this crucial step, the package is nearing its final consignment address. It gets loaded on another truck and sent to the delivery depot near the destination.

Dispatch and delivery

The completion of the parcel sojourn is in sight once it reaches the delivery hub. Often, these locations are only a few minutes away from the destination address. The package is now ready to travel to its new owner, carried securely by delivery trucks.

 As a finale, the parcel reaches its owner right on their doorstep. This stage is the endpoint of the shipment from the merchant to the end user. It marks the culmination of the package journey, delivering in a timely fashion and items arriving in good condition.