Shipping to Israel

When it comes to shipping to Israel, it’s crucial to have a logistics partner that you can rely on from the very beginning of the process. That’s why choosing us at GCX is the best decision for you. Be it e-commerce, export or import to Israel, B2B or B2C – leave it to us, and we will take care of the entire supply chain.

We pride ourselves in being a full-line courier service company - an Israeli superhouse

As a subsidiary of the Krief Group – one of the top five largest logistics provider groups in Israel – we enjoy access to a wealth of resources and expertise that make shipping smooth sailing and cost-effective for our customers. We offer a wide range of shipping options, including air freight or sea freight, to best suit your needs. You can choose a particular airline or shipping freight under the Krief group umbrella, or from our extensive network of internationally renowned partners and agents, such as Skynet. We then use our advantage positioning to help you receive the most competitive prices. You may work with a shipping provider of your choice to bring your deliveries to Ben Gurion airport and let us continue the process seamlessly from there. Combining the strengths of GCX and Kreif Group puts us apart from Israeli shipping companies and in the same league as international household names. Simplified coordination: With all logistics handled by one company, there is only one point of contact for coordination and communication, making it easier to manage and track the entire process.

Hand all your eCommerce logistics to us, starting with the shipment journey, and enjoy:

  • Reduced costs: save on the shipping cost to Israel and all other logistic services by scaling your delivery journey
  • Improved efficiency: allowing us to manage and optimize the entire logistics process will result in faster delivery times.
  • Increased accountability: being responsible for all your logistics means you always know who to talk to and trust them to put your needs above all else.
  • Better data integration: we can guarantee improved performance thanks to our ability to see the whole picture and integrate data for better decisions.
Over 65 million parcels are delivered globally to Israel every year. With such traffic, you want your eCommerce delivery service to be the most efficient throughout. Join many well-known brands and websites that entrust their cross-border shipping to GCX.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your shipping journey to Israel.

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