Navigating Cross-Border E-Commerce: A Guide to Shipping to Israel

Cross-border e-commerce, in its simplest definition, is a commercial activity that takes place across international borders using the internet. The package journey does take longer during international shipping to Israel, and every cross-border shipping company has its processes for successful parcel delivery to Israel.

Before the package gets to a recipient in Israel, there are some standard operating procedures regarding e-commerce shopping in Israel.

Shipping methods.

An ecommerce logistics provider includes shipping options a manufacturer can use, including sea or air freight. Generally, the methods will depend on several factors, including the type of goods, budget, and timeline. However, air freight is the best option for customers wanting to have their items delivered faster.


The weight or size of the goods, distance from the manufacturer to Israel, and the customs clearance agent are significant factors affecting shipping costs. A customs clearance company in Israel charges an import tax of 17% if the item is over 75 USD. This is why shipping companies need an automated Israel customs tracking process so customers can monitor their items quickly.

E-commerce warehousing.

In most cases, parcels ordered outside Israel undergo different warehouses of the courier service. The warehouses where the customer’s items go will reflect on the ecommerce logistics tracking app or website. Manual parcel tracking today takes more effort, defeating the purpose of efficiency.


International shipments involve insurance. While this may not always happen, there will be instances when goods and parcels are lost or damaged during their shipping journey. Most shipping companies in Israel have insurance available.

E-commerce shipments to Israel are a complex process. Besides packing the goods appropriately to avoid damage, manufacturers must learn the customs regulations and select a reliable shipment logistics provider to ensure an efficient and smooth process.