Tracking Your Shipment: How Technology is changing the Delivery Experience

Today’s package tracking technology is the game-changer for couriers and logistics companies. In the past, there was no opting for real time tracking of shipment because it simply wasn’t possible. End customers had no means to know where the parcel was after placing their orders. At the same time, senders were not aware of the parcel journey until they got notified of its delivery.

Now, shipment monitoring greatly improves the industry’s speed and efficiency. Solutions like air freight tracking and ecommerce logistics tracking ease the worry of packages getting lost in transit. Technological advancement paved the way for businesses to reap the benefits, namely a better delivery experience.

Enhanced parcel tracking

The advent of online shopping increased the demand for efficient courier delivery. Rather than visiting stores, consumers make a few clicks through an app and their orders get forwarded to the merchant. In this situation, ecommerce order tracking allays the buyer’s worries about delayed shipment or missed delivery.

The same is true for the sender. Sellers can perform real time delivery tracking straight from the courier’s app or website. They know where the parcel is at any given moment and when it is expected to arrive. It enables merchants to offer better customer service by providing precise lead times and online tracking shipment technology.

Shorter delivery time

Location technology for cargo tracking is a fast and reliable solution to get accurate information regarding the shipment. It cuts some of the time spent preparing for package arrival and sorting. Also, it is cost-effective since all parties involved know where the parcel is in real time. Therefore, there is no need to make a call from one hub to another just to update the location of the shipment.

Better safety measures

Cargo tracking is an effective safety measure because it immediately informs the sender and receiver about the parcel’s status. If the freight fails to fulfill its planned course, it is easier to pinpoint where the error was made. An automated delivery tracking system also makes it almost impossible for parcels to go missing, short of human error.